Product Questions

Can you make custom product in a single piece quantity?

I see a belt on your website that I really like, but it is not offered in my size. Could you make me a belt to order? We do not offer a custom program at this time. Our manufacturers require us to produce a minimum quantity, this does not allow us to make a single item for a customer to order.

Do you do name engraving on belts?

We do make belts that have a name blank as part of the design, but we do not complete the actual personalization of the belts here. You would have to find a retailer or leather shop that offers this service.

How can I tell what products are Made in the USA?

These items are identified with an American flag icon as you are shopping the pages of our site.

Do your phone covers fit flush with the front of the phone? Do your covers prevent damage to the phone if dropped?

Our covers are more ornamental in nature, we do not make any guarantees regarding what will happen if the phone is dropped in one of our cases.

Are the buckles on your belts interchangeable?

Many of our belts have removable buckles, most of our product descriptions reflect this information. If you have a belt with snaps or screws, most of the time the standard issue buckle can be changed. Please contact Customer Service at 800-256-8646 or customerservice@mfwestern.com if you have questions regarding a certain style.

Can 3D Belt Company repair an item that I purchased?

No, we do not repair items. If the situation warrants, you may be able to find a local leather shop that is able to complete the work. This would be at the customer's expense.

Order Questions

Why did my credit card fail to authorize?

If you receive an error stating that we failed to authorize the card, it means the credit card issuer declined the authorization. The most common reasons include:

  • Address verification (AVS) mismatch
  • Invalid CVV/expiration date
  • Card is flagged as lost or stolen
  • Risk or fraud decisions from the issuing bank

When a card fails authorization, double check the card information that was entered. If everything is correct, contact the card issue to verify your billing information. If you continue to receive this message or need any additional assistance, contact us and we will try to resolve the issue.

How can I get help placing a new order or with an order that I have already placed?

Please contact our office for Customer Service by using our Contact Us form or by calling us toll free at 800-256-8646 Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm CST, excluding holidays.

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